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NZD/USD climbs to fresh highs in over three weeks as risk firms to start the session

NZD/USD pushes up to 0.7168, its highest level since 23 March European indices are opening with slight gains, helped by a gradual and slight advance in US futures on the day so far. S&P 500 futures are up 0.3% currently.
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European equities open higher to start the day

Some slightly positive tones as things get underway - Eurostoxx +0.2% - Germany DAX +0.2% - France CAC 40 +0.2% - UK FTSE +0.2% - Spain IBEX +0.1% This mirrors the more optimistic tone seen in US futures, which are steadily creeping higher on the day. Nasdaq futures are now up 0.4% while S&P 500 and Dow futures are up by
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BOJ likely to deliberate about more upbeat economic outlook later this month - report

The BOJ will release its quarterly report on the economy on 27 April And there is talk that the Japanese central bank is likely to discuss lifting its view on the economic outlook slightly amid signs that things have improved more than anticipated as of late, according to Bloomberg.
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France March final CPI +1.1% vs +1.1% y/y prelim

Latest data released by INSEE - 15 April 2021 The preliminary report can be found . No change to the initial estimates as this reaffirms stronger price pressures last month, mainly due to base effect adjustments.
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Terminology 101: What's the 'Fed put'?

A back up for stocks You may have heard the phrase, the "Fed Put' and wondered what it means. So, here is a quick explanation as to what it is, so you can understand the phrase. Every industry has it's own 'lingo' which just helps to speed up communication, but can be annoying if you don't
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Eurostoxx futures -0.1% in early European trading

Little change observed in early trades - German DAX futures flat - UK FTSE futures +0.2% - Spanish IBEX futures -0.1% This follows a more mixed/middling tone yesterday, though UK stocks are keeping with the recent optimism as it trades closer to fresh highs since February last year.
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Nikkei 225 closes higher by 0.07% at 29,642.69

A mixed tone in Asia trading today Japanese stocks are holding higher after a mixed session in Wall Street overnight, with the Topix also closing 0.4% higher to 1,959.13.
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Germany March final CPI +1.7% vs +1.7% y/y prelim

Latest data released by Destatis - 15 April 2021 here
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Trade ideas thread - European session 15 April 2021

Daily thread to exchange ideas and to share your thoughts The dollar remains vulnerable with EUR/USD inching closer to a firm test of 1.2000 with USD/JPY also keeping below 109.00 for now as the downtrend stays the course.
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Tokyo governor Koike says may consider state of emergency if can't slow virus spread

Tokyo governor warns that tighter restrictions may be required The virus situation in Japan isn't looking too good, with cases gradually climbing in the capital while Osaka has seen a big surge with over 1,100 cases reported yesterday. The clock is ticking with the Olympics coming up in about three months.
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