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Kudlow says White House will eliminate cost-sharing requirement in unemployment boost

Benefit cut in half but it's coming Economic advisor Larry Kudlow says a new order will be issued that eliminates the requirement that states kick in 25% of the emergency unemployment funds, . So the Federal Government will pay $300/week by itself.
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Fed's Barkin: Low interest rates may be encouraging demand for stocks

Ya think?
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EURUSD rotates back to underside of broken trend line as ups and downs continue.

Ups and downs. Price stays below the MAs On the earlier run higher, the EURUSD held the resistance near the 100 and 200 hour moving averages (blue and green lines), and the swing area between 1.1801 and 1.18089.  That run to the upside broke above a topside channel trendline.  
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Florida posts record 276 virus deaths but new infections trend steady

The latest data from Florida The positivity rate is the highest in 6 days. It's tough to pull the signal from the noise here but there was rapid improvement in the most-recent numbers that might be due to less testing, the storm or some other quirk.  In the bigger picture, there's clearly a huge improvement ongoing
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Gold tumbles. Looks to test 50% midpoint of the last run higher.

50% of the move up from July 16 comes in at $1935.23 The price of gold is racing lower as longs exit below the $2000 level.  Technically, the price has also fallen away from the 100 hour MA (there was a feeble, failed break higher yesterday that turned the beat around) and tumbled below the 200 hour
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AUD/USD at risk of a short-term correction -- NAB

The outlook from NAB Research NAB Research discusses AUD/USD technical outlook and "Friday produced a new 2020 high at 0.7243 before closing at 0.7157 and completing a bearish ST (daily) reversal pattern. Such a trigger implies that" NAB notes. 
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USDJPY runs higher and looks toward topside resistance

USDJPY tests a topside trend line. The USDJPY has broken above the high from yesterday and highs from August 4 at the 106.193 area. Earlier today the price tried to get above that level only to quickly fail on the attempts. This break was more successful.  The level remains as close risk now for longs. Stay above is more bullish
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Are climbing bond yields about supply or demand?

US Treasury yields climb ahead of auctions It's a big week in the Treasury market with record-high sales starting with three-year notes today. With that, Treasury yields have jumped higher. US 10-year notes are up 6.4 bps to 0.6415% today. That's after hitting a low of 0.5036% last week. The turn in the market came on the
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USDCHF snaps higher

Working back to unchanged at 0.9155 The pair had ran lower in the London morning session and in the process fell below its 200 hour and 100 hour moving averages at 0.9127 and 0.9118 respectively (green and blue lines).  
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US stocks open mixed with the Dow leading the way higher. Nasdaq down.

Nasdaq working on 3rd day lower. Dow and S&P up for the 8th day in a row The US stocks are opening up mixed with the Dow and S&P higher while the NASDAQ index is lower.  The NASDAQ index is working on its 3rd day to the downside in a row. The Dow and S&P are working on their 8th
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