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Heads up: Japan prime minister Abe to hold a press conference at 0900 GMT tomorrow

Abe will be holding a press conference to talk about the government budget For now, the government has been active to talk about the fiscal response with finance minister Aso saying that the second stage of the economic response will need different measures - with the size of the package yet to be decided.
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European equities open softer to start the day

A softer mood for stocks to start the European morning - Eurostoxx -2.1% - Germany DAX -1.8% - France CAC 40 -2.1% - UK FTSE -2.5% - Spain IBEX -2.2% ForexLive
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Cable pares gains as dollar firms to start the session

GBP/USD falls back towards the 1.2200 handle ForexLive The pound had an impressive showing in trading yesterday, as cable rose from 1.1800 to 1.2200 as the dollar continued to falter across the board.
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France March consumer confidence 103 vs 91 expected

Latest data released by INSEE - 27 March 2020 - 104 ForexLive Consumer confidence somehow holds quite resilient but just take note that the survey was conducted between 26 February to 17 March, so it accounts largely for sentiment before the French lockdown measures were announced on 16 March.
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EUR/USD falls to session low as dollar catches a bid

The dollar turns things around to start the session ForexLive The greenback advances across the board as the dollar index pares losses on the day, with EUR/USD easing back towards the 1.1000 handle currently.
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Gold keeps a little lower today but stays on course for a stellar week

Gold is up by over 8% on the week ForexLive If you're wondering what is the main cause for the turnaround in gold this week, you don't have to look any further than the .
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When will equities bottom? Here is one approach to take...

Answering the unanswerable, Ok, no-one knows when the equity market will bottom, but it is worth doing a quick comparison to the 2008-2009 financial crisis to look for clues. One place to look at is the Volatilty Index. 
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Tokyo governor confirms another 40 new coronavirus cases in the city today

Tokyo governor, Yuriko Koike, delivers a press conference But the increase today will bring the total number of confirmed cases to about 300 in Tokyo as the government mulls over whether or not to declare a state of emergency.
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Eurostoxx futures -0.5% in early European trading

Mildly softer tones in early trades - German DAX futures -0.6% - French CAC 40 futures -0.8% - UK FTSE futures -1.2% ForexLive This largely mirrors the mood seen in US futures, which are down by ~0.8% currently. But given the current market environment and volatility, <1% changes in the equities space hardly counts for anything and can be considered
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Italy may need new stimulus measures worth €30 billion - report

Il Sole reports on the matter The news outlet cites parliamentary documents on the matter, and this would be on top of the €25 billion package that is now being discussed in parliament.
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